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Welcome Working Class

The DNC Convention:Many of us enjoyed watching the Democratic National Convention. It featured a diverse demographic from across the country speaking about their hopes and

Stop Wasting Money On War!

Our Tax Burden: Federal income taxes are instruments of war. Out of $3.3 trillion in total tax revenue secured by the US government, approximately $738

Israel: A Shattered Dream- What You Can Do

TWO IDENTITIES: I am Jewish. My parents were first generation Americans. Their parents were Jews born in Odessa and Kiev often referred to mistakenly, but

Life Against Death

Masking the Truth: The most important question facing us today is why so many individuals in the prime of their lives choose death over life?

Chains of Racism: One Man’s Experience

Memory and Identity: Black Lives Matter (BLM) has done more for the American psyche than all civics classes combined. What we recall about each other

Slavery in Today’s World

Poverty: Poverty is a form of slavery. It denies individuals access to resources critical for life including healthy food, secure housing, and education. Scarcity of

Police Unions: It’s Over!

Black Lives Matter: The Fight Isn’t Over Police unions are at the heart of legitimizing killing black people and minorities in America. They’ll defend their

Jesus Christ: Activist for Life

A New Kind of Power: Jesus is the most widely known activist in the world. His message to those in power is clear: domination over

Trump: The Face of White Supremacy

The Psychology of Killing Black People:White supremacy is inherent in American society. It informs our daily lives and our psyche. From the founding of our republic to the civil

Looking in The Mirror After COVID-19

Not long ago, I stepped into an elevator where a 30’ something woman was holding a delivery box from Sephora. I said, “I’ll bet it’s

Capture The Future

Revolt:  Part 3 Citizen Activism At Home: Citizen activism is a form of action on the road to revolt. It’s necessary, but not sufficient to

Becoming The Hero of Our Own Story

REVOLT TO LIVE First in a three-part series Imagine that you were given a magic wand to create the world you want. What would it look and feel

What Do We Want? When Do We Want It?

If you can imagine a future that is qualitatively better than your present, than your potential for freedom is alive and well. The Great Escape:

Capitalism Won’t Save You

The Emotional Turf: No two words in social discourse can trigger emotions as quickly as ‘capitalism’ and ‘socialism’. Diehard capitalists think that any form of

Trump: Unfit to Lead

Over the years, I have had the good fortune to practice as a psychologist. As such, I’ve developed the skills to recognize when individuals are

Whistleblowers: Heroes of Our Time

It takes courage to tell the truth. Especially when the truth pertains to the reality around you. Sometimes when we lose the ignorance, we also

COVID-19: The Radical Potential For Life

Crimes & Misdemeanors: Making promises to their citizens is nothing new to most governments. In America, the most central promise is that citizens be protected