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America’s Welfare King: Elon Musk

Time for tax revolt: This piece is a call for tax revolt against the wealthy that are starving America’s Treasury and making life more difficult

An Era of Courage

What’s Possible? I created this blog site “Revolt to Live” one year ago. I did so because I came to the realization that every key

Death of Donald Trump

The Tombstone: Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, died on November 3, 2020. He lost both the popular and electoral college vote.  A map

Trump’s Evil Twin

Antiquated Nationalism: Our actions have consequences. Decisions we make and behaviors we execute create situations, social trends and institutions. The rise of the nation-state, for

Supreme Court: Land of Make Believe

Make Believe: Most of us have a respectful view of the highest court in America, The Supreme Court. Our respect, however, is for the most

Private Fires, Public Pain

Globalization: Globalization is here, for better and worse. The problems that plague us cross over national boundaries, and into gated communities. The era of individuals

Beyond Climate Change

Pollinators: Climate change has captured world attention as the most profound issue of our time. It threatens every aspect of life on Earth. We know

Welcome Working Class

The DNC Convention:Many of us enjoyed watching the Democratic National Convention. It featured a diverse demographic from across the country speaking about their hopes and

Stop Wasting Money On War!

Our Tax Burden: Federal income taxes are instruments of war. Out of $3.3 trillion in total tax revenue secured by the US government, approximately $738

Israel: A Shattered Dream- What You Can Do

TWO IDENTITIES: I am Jewish. My parents were first generation Americans. Their parents were Jews born in Odessa and Kiev often referred to mistakenly, but

Life Against Death

Masking the Truth: The most important question facing us today is why so many individuals in the prime of their lives choose death over life?

Chains of Racism: One Man’s Experience

Memory and Identity: Black Lives Matter (BLM) has done more for the American psyche than all civics classes combined. What we recall about each other

Slavery in Today’s World

Poverty: Poverty is a form of slavery. It denies individuals access to resources critical for life including healthy food, secure housing, and education. Scarcity of

Police Unions: It’s Over!

Black Lives Matter: The Fight Isn’t Over Police unions are at the heart of legitimizing killing black people and minorities in America. They’ll defend their

Jesus Christ: Activist for Life

A New Kind of Power: Jesus is the most widely known activist in the world. His message to those in power is clear: domination over