Who We Are

Revolt is the zeitgeist of our times. The power of humans driven by compassion and insight is determining our future. To thrive we must get beyond the practices and norms of endless growth, consumption and industrial destruction. While the odds of creating a genuinely better life often seemed stacked against us, individuals are demonstrating courage, ability, knowledge, and technology to create a more humane and lasting future.

This site gives voice to individuals and projects that are pioneering a more sustainable life for all living creatures.  Individuals, activist groups and established organizations work to enhance our lives, highlighting the capacity to articulate feelings and caring relationships, and promote social, economic and environmental justice. 

It also lifts the blinders off your favorite illusions, exposing what they cover up, who they benefit and inviting you to become genuinely informed. Discomfort may compel change, and that has survival value. 

New realities need not be trapped in any “ism”: capitalism, socialism, or communism. Humans create social orders, and all have something to teach us and contribute to our wellbeing.

I have lived multiple professional lives: one as a psychologist with access to the intimate struggles of thousands of individuals and families, and the other as an entrepreneur. As a psychologist, I know all too well the individual search for meaning and purpose in a world full of distractions. Couples fighting over money and power, running from intimacy are all too common. 

To give parents and kids access to non-sexist, racist and violent toys, I created Imaginarium toy stores, raising venture capital to fund a national chain of toy stores designed around a child’s imagination. Imaginarium was purchased by Toys R Us and had brand sales of over $600 million. Over 400 Imaginarium stores operate in 29 countries with headquarters in Spain, the result of copying the initial stores opened in the US.  

My business success allowed me an insider track to the workings of Wall Street, leading a turnaround of an athletic apparel company publically traded in US and Canada. Apparel is one of the most polluting industries on the planet and most financial analysts are omitting the truth about the damage to the environment. They are paid to do so.

Recently, I joined Heifer International as an advisor to Heifer Labs, which is dedicated to innovation. My expertise in cognitive behavioral science is informing programs to help small-scale farmers own their land and improve yield.  Approximately, 570 million small-scale farmers provide 75 percent of the world’s food supply. Most are tenant farmers, lacking ownership of their land. This blocks them from genuine financial inclusion. We are dedicated to changing this.