Earth Criminals – Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan

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One of Earth’s leading criminals is Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, America’s largest bank. Mr. Dimon is one of Wall Street’s most celebrated bosses. Under his leadership, JP Morgan invested more money than any bank in the world directly into the fossil-fuel projects. How is it that Mr. Dimon can sign-off on investments that destabilize Earth’s climate and remain free to live without accountability?

Highlights include:

  • $196 billion—as in billion— investment by JP Morgan into fossil fuel projects between December 2015 creation of the Paris climate agreement and the end of 2018, the most of any bank in the world, with Wells Fargo second (Rainforest Action Network, 2020)
  • This in spite of the fact that Mr. Dimon knew—and knows– full well that increasing the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from fossil fuels results in global warming. The United Nations and scientists have made the negative impacts of global warming clear from every country.
  • Mr. Dimon should be charged with crimes against humanity—it is primarily the poor that are displaced by the impacts of climate change. At minimum, he should stand trail for malfeasance and criminal conduct. 
  • Mr. Dimon is a seasoned executive and knows how to try to cover his tracks, or manage impressions as PR professionals say. Here’s the ruse: he expresses dismay that President Trump withdrew from the Paris climate agreement, which attempts to put limits on nations releasing green houses gases, while investing billion of dollars in oil and gas; and he authorizes a news release that JPMorgan will not be investing in drilling in the Artic. 
  • Mr. Dimon has what psychologists call a ‘marketing personality’: sell whatever you can to make money, than manage your image to make it look like you care about the Earth.
  •  JPMorgan’s Annual Report is also negligent, containing no information about what economists call  ‘negative externalities’—negative impacts— that result from their investments in fossil fuel. It’s time to call him to task and legally prosecute him to stand trail.

Here’s what you can do immediately:  

  • Move all monies, checking accounts, savings and mortgages to another bank; your local community bank, for example; 
  • Start a web campaign to boycott JPMorgan and Wells Fargo
  • Start #Boycott JPMorgan campaign
  • Call JPMorgan and tell them to put Mr. Dimon under house arrest for criminal behavior—destruction of the environment:
  • Call 1-800-935-9935 customer service; general inquiries (opinions) call: 1-212-270-6000

Please send us posts of people and projects that you admire and are moving revolt forward.