President Trump & Hitler: Two Peas in a Pod

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What Everyone Knows:

Almost everyone on the planet knows that President Trump is a narcissist.  He can’t help promoting himself as the greatest leader who ever lived. What most people don’t know is that he derives his script for greatness from another very famous person.

What follows is an imaginary phone call between President Trump and Chancellor Adolf Hitler, a leader who also believed in his greatness by promoting the 1,000-year Reich.

To ensure that the material is coherent, I have separated it by main topics and focused primarily on President Trump’s responses. When two power-hungry narcissists get together, you end up with hours of self-congratulation. I spared the reader this monotony.

You can also imagine this call as President Trump’s interior dialog. All narcissists rehearse their greatness and borrow from the annals of history. Their communication, much like advertising, is based on cliché.   

Culture Wars From The Inside Out:

Hello Adolf. This is Donald. Congratulations on promoting the Aryan race as superior to others. It’s brilliant. I’m attracted to light-skinned, blondes myself. That’s why I hired Kayleigh McEnany as my press secretary. She embodies the values of our Party.

I had to make an exception with my wife, Melanjia. She was born in a Slavic country; luckily she changed her name to Melania. Yes, we have a son named Barron. I’m stuck with the capitalists.

It’s great that we’ve learned so much from each other. We know how to separate whites from blacks, withdraw funding from helping weak people, and mental health programs, and we lock up immigrants. I can’t stand people who live off the state either, including poor or homeless people who are just mental deviants and lazy.

By the way, I’ve heard that Gone With The Wind is your favorite movie. You should watch some of the later movies starring John Wayne killing Indians. This guy shows that if Indians were really a superior race there would be a lot more of them.

You might have heard that I recently gave a speech at Mount Rushmore for Independence Day 2020 on land that the Lakota Indians claim belongs to them. No, I didn’t have any problem. I unleashed the state troopers and set up roadblocks. Thanks, it’s working out well.

I’m curious about something. Did you or Herr Goebbels, your Minister of Propaganda, come up with the idea of telling big lies to the public, the bigger the lie the better? Oh, I see, it was you. He was responsible for managing the media, giving away over one million cheap radio sets so you could control what people were thinking eleven hours daily.

Creating the illusions of truth is terrific. I don’t need a propaganda minister; I have Sean Hannity on FOX News. Fox validates almost every lie I tell. You don’t need to tell big lies to the masses, lots of small ones will do. Pretty soon, there are so many lies that no one can tell the truths from the lies. It’s perfect for the Party and me. Even my own party members end up believing that what I say is true.

I admire your speeches. You’re great at convincing others, aside from outright killing them. I gave a news release today telling people that I’ve saved over 2.2 million lives from Coronavirus. Millions will appreciate my efforts and praise me.

It’s not exactly true. My real actions are killing people—no masks, no tests, and reduced budgets to address the virus. As you say, it’s not truth that matters, but victory.  

Putting the judiciary under your control is brilliant, and I’ve been able to overturn lots of court findings, let people out of jail, or fire people who tried to investigate my actions. Attorney General Barr is doing a great job for his country. He’s a sycophant, but worth keeping; he’ll survive the others. 

Creating Enemies:

You were right about how easy it is to mobilize people, just create enemies. Your suggestions worked like magic. I substituted Mexicans and everybody South of our border for Jews. I told the masses it was necessary to punish illegal aliens, separate children from their parents, and put them in cages in order to protect them from criminals, rapists, and other deviants. They bought it.

The liberal press made a big deal out of it, but I stuck to my guns. They lost interest and track of the kids and families. If anyone of them dies in custody, they’ll die as enemies of the state. 

Creating enemies of the state, all minorities, and then making sure that they are stateless—with no civil rights or rights to own anything– is inspiring. It beats our 14th Amendment and all that prattle about foreigners having rights on our soil. Only the Volk have rights, the real descendants of white colonialists. 

Stateless individuals are open to attack. Thanks for this advice. That’s where I got the idea for a bigger wall with Mexico, and denial of the rights of immigrants to citizenship. I’d like to put a wall up around every urban Ghetto too; eliminate Black Lives Matter, wipe out their white support, and cut them all off welfare. Any humanitarian actions, as you note, are an expression of stupidity and cowardice, so true.  

I want Black Lives Matter to be treated as a terrorist organization, turning police loose to kill them off. I’ve already started circulating the claim in public broadcasts that protests are caused by leftist fascists and communist types who want to destroy our great nation.  

Yes, I’d like to get rid of democracy as quickly as possible. That’s what I find honorable about you— strength lies in attack, not defense. It’s going to take time to get Americans to accept fewer civil liberties, and the killing of Black people. I’ve started this process by telling them that there are good people on both sides. I wish the cops would stop killing ‘them’ in broad daylight or on social media. It’s making my job more difficult.

You’re right, I should engage the police unions to cover up actions by zealous officers of the state. They are our true heroes.

I know, my son-in-law is Jewish. This is not always easy. I’m stuck with supporting Israel for now. Lots of financial backers in the Jewish community support me, like Sheldon Adelson. Not to worry, we are busy selling weapons to the Saudis and states hostile to Israel so we’ll see. And don’t forget, a Jew financed your favorite movie.  

By the way, I spoke to Netanyahu yesterday. I know he’s the leader of Israel, and a Jew. But he’s also saving us a lot of trouble: painting Palestinians as terrorists, forcing them into crowded conditions, confiscating their lands, shooting them when they protest, bulldozing their homes and farms and starving them slowly. We are all indebted to you for scripting this behavior.

Mein Kampf:

Before I hang up, I want you to know that Mein Kampf is great, the best. It sounds like me. Make America Great Again is a slogan that I created and it really works. All those liberals, intellectuals, and protestors are trying to tear down the symbols of our great country, like Confederate flags and statues of Confederate generals, so I said enough is enough. I waved the flag, claimed national unity, and called out the police, dogs, and even killed a few. My base loves it.

Your great work is a blueprint for me: (1) never allow the public to cool off, fabricate one fight after the other and keep yourself at the center of the ring, brilliant; (2) never leave any room for alternatives, compromise is like death, only the weak compromise; (3) never admit fault. I agree, we are like gods and God doesn’t say, sorry I’m wrong; and (4) concentrate on one enemy at a time, using the press to do the work. Creating serial enemies make the press run all over the place, too many enemies to follow.  

You targeted Jews, intellectuals, leftists, gays, and gypsies and killed or imprisoned them. I’m targeting Mexicans, Latinos, Muslims, journalists, and liberal media, to snuff them out. It’s not easy because of advocacy and the liberal press.

Fox News is starting to betray our contract by broadcasting FAKE POLLS that shows I’m behind. So, until I can get my own network, I’m recommending people switch over to One America News Network. I know they will help me influence the ballot boxes, again. If this Coronavirus continues, I won’t be able to use direct intimidation at the polls to eliminate votes. I’ve already played the Russian card, and Zuckerberg, who was so helpful in getting me votes in the past, is under scrutiny. He blew his cover.

I agree with you, build a third column: I spoke to Kanye West, and he’ll announce running for President to try to pull black voters away from Biden; endorsed by Elon Musk. The evangelicals will see me as the second coming of Christ. 

What To Do Next:

Suggestions to send Trump back to his bunker, and out of office are found below. The police and FBI will increasingly go undercover and work to disrupt rallies, causing violence. Trump will use them to try to control media images and content to convince people of the menace from the ‘left’, or ‘anarchists’ or those that would ‘tear down our democracy’. It’s a rerun.

Please note actions below that you can undertake:

  1. Sign up and march with black lives matter; the more mass actions the better; and the more peaceful the better;
  2. Support alternative media by donating to Mother Jones, The Nation, Guardian newspaper, Ad Busters, or other methods of communication that you endorse. A small donation goes a long way, especially during these times.
  3. Join or initiate protest groups on any corner, bridge overpasses, in front of banks, parking lots or other public places. It is critical to stay visible. Stay respectful of the personal and social boundaries dictated by Coronavirus.
  4. Use your phone to record any aggressive behavior by police or others to you, friends, or acquaintances at rallies or protests.
  5. Join Swing Left, or sign up to work for the Biden campaign and down-ballot races directly in getting out the vote, whether or not the vote is done by mail. Get as many individuals as you can to the polls, or to vote from home.
  6. Demand to know what safeguards are being put into place to protect votes. You can reach out to your registrar of voters. This is critical; fascist tactics are alive in the Trump administration.

Please send us posts of people and projects that you admire and are moving revolt forward.