Welcome To Revolt!

Revolt is necessary to solve our most pressing problems. The existing industrial paradigm and narratives are limiting our development and killing the planet. We must ask ourselves what questions are worth asking? What do we need to know to make a difference in the world that adds to our survival and ability to thrive? What is our responsibility to the environment, to our friends in the animal kingdom and ourselves? What social and economic experiments are taking place that show promise for a credible future?

Revolt is afoot every minute of every day somewhere on the globe. Individuals are standing up to say “no” to old narratives, inequality and environmental destruction. Many are committed to direct action, while others to creating alternatives through new forms of personal, social and applied technological innovation.

Without Revolt slavery would be legal today; women would be unable to vote; the 5-day workweek would not exist and civil rights would have remained the private dream of Martin Luther King.

Holly Figueroa O’Reilly, Director of Blue Wave Crowd Sourcing, captures the spirit of so many activists and engaged citizens: “We are not merely resisting values and practices that we detest; we are promoting values and practices we love.”

Courage is what characterizes our era. Individuals young and old have committed their lives to making a difference for all of us: The grandmother who stands up to stop a coal processing plant from polluting ground water in the Philippines; the man who gave his life protecting the Monarch butterfly reserve in Mexico; citizen activists that are engaged in shaping the future of their countries as dissimilar as the U.S., Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, Chile and Brazil; and in regions as fundamentally different as the Arctic tundra, and Amazon Rainforest.

Revolt to live is a call to action, and social innovation. It’s a way to learn from others and participate in creating the future you want.

How To Use this Site

This site is designed to help busy people close the gap between what is–an industrial society, norms and ethics that are unjust and destructive— and what can be.

We can also learn from each other, instilling hope through personal action and grass roots projects. Wisdom lies in joining together to create new alternatives.

****Please send us posts of people and projects that you admire and are moving revolt forward.

Our site offers:

  • 5-10 minute reads: short articles, commentary, and questions that allow you to see beyond what’s given as ‘normal’ and grasp the essence of what’s possible
  • Focused attention is encouraged by highlighting key points
  • Personal development is furthered by asking questions, which are highlighted or posed as Points to Ponder
  • Posts of people and projects to learn from or join in revolt
  • #Hash tags (to come) for social connection will be provided as we grow


Live With Purpose

A life well lived includes creating meaning and purpose through practice. Enhancing the wellbeing of individuals, creatures and environment is worth doing.


We create our social norms and narratives, and that includes going beyond the status quo to improve life. Revolt begins with saying “no” to injustice and “yes” to alternatives.

Speak Up & Act

You are more powerful than you think, and your voice matters. Push beyond your comfort zone to be heard and make a difference through your social practices

Empower Others

Helping others feel more powerful through creating alternatives engenders hope through practice.

Express Empathy

The capacity to feel for others and all living creatures is essential to inform our being and actions.

Solve Real World Problems

Individuals create problems and they can also solve them.

All Answers Are Iterative

There are no right answers capital “A” for answers; however, there are ideas, and projects that add to our humanity, and others that detract from it. Stay open to questioning, experiment and discovery.