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Israel: Religion & Destruction

Secular State Hijacked  Israel is a secular state that has been hijacked by religious Jews who are right-wing and ultra nationalist. This flies in the

Israel & Palestinians: A Way Out

Ceasefire & New Leadership Heroes in positions of leadership are difficult to find today. Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, is one such

No Federal Money for Florida

Summary: The leadership of Florida is comprised of climate deniers. This is costing all of us billions of federal tax dollars to pay for their

The Age of Fake

Summary Fake is the new reality. It’s so widespread that this may well be referred to as the Age of Fake. News pundits, media, our

Courage in Colombia

Colombia has been at war for over 50 years. Office bombings, arrests, and torture for protesting, murders for protecting the environment, or reporting the truth

Bill Gates and Crypto Alchemy

WARNING: Whenever wealthy and powerful people try and protect you from the vagaries of financial markets, beware; they are either disingenuous or lying.     Your

The Problem with War Crimes

Summary Cooperation is the wow of human history: seven billion people, megacities on every continent and networks connecting people worldwide. This cooperation, however, is often

How a motorcycle became a dragon

Summary History may repeat itself, but never the same way twice. Mass media technologies have changed dramatically over the years, but a deeper look reveals

GOODBYE UKRAINE: The West Evades the Truth

Summary The West and Ukraine were unprepared for a Russian invasion. They feign surprise. Yet, they chose to ignore four decades of atrocities committed by

A Different View of Anti-Vaxxers

Summary: Anti-vaccination exposes one to potential suffering and death. It appears crazy. Yet, the deeper question is why are millions of individuals refusing to partake

China: The World’s First Digital Prison

Artificial Friends Q sits quietly in front of his voice-activated computer screen. He’s spent the morning searching online for an artificial friend, like the one

Police: Community Heroes

Police are the unsung heroes of community projects, despite media focus on failed officers and violence. The community policing movement is growing from the U.S. to Medellin, Colombia. This is a story of police officers and projects that are making a positive difference in people’s lives now.

Arrested for Art

Shakespeare’s Home London has become the center of state-sponsored violence against art and artists. The government, in conjunction with metropolitan police, has decided that if

Israel: Land of Holocaust Deniers

ORIGINS: The International Committee of the Red Cross released the following statement on April 14, 1989: Geneva (ICRC)—On 13 April 1989, six Arab inhabitants of

Theft is Legal

WE’RE BEING RIPPED OFF, AND IT’S LEGAL Theft Is Legal: Theft is the action or crime of stealing, taking what doesn’t belong to you. Many