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China: The World’s First Digital Prison

Artificial Friends Q sits quietly in front of his voice-activated computer screen. He’s spent the morning searching online for an artificial friend, like the one

Police: Community Heroes

Police are the unsung heroes of community projects, despite media focus on failed officers and violence. The community policing movement is growing from the U.S. to Medellin, Colombia. This is a story of police officers and projects that are making a positive difference in people’s lives now.

Arrested for Art

Shakespeare’s Home London has become the center of state-sponsored violence against art and artists. The government, in conjunction with metropolitan police, has decided that if

Israel: Land of Holocaust Deniers

ORIGINS: The International Committee of the Red Cross released the following statement on April 14, 1989: Geneva (ICRC)—On 13 April 1989, six Arab inhabitants of

Theft is Legal

WE’RE BEING RIPPED OFF, AND IT’S LEGAL Theft Is Legal: Theft is the action or crime of stealing, taking what doesn’t belong to you. Many

The Rise of The Eco-Army

The promise of progress: Progress is a 19th-century idea. Social theorists long ago captured our imagination with the belief that advances in technology, science, and

Overcoming Your Death Wish

Our dilemma: extinction or life The key questions of our era revolve around the survival of our species: Why would humans consciously choose to annihilate

America’s Welfare King: Elon Musk

Time for tax revolt: This piece is a call for tax revolt against the wealthy that are starving America’s Treasury and making life more difficult

An Era of Courage

What’s Possible? I created this blog site “Revolt to Live” one year ago. I did so because I came to the realization that every key

Death of Donald Trump

The Tombstone: Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, died on November 3, 2020. He lost both the popular and electoral college vote.  A map

Trump’s Evil Twin

Antiquated Nationalism: Our actions have consequences. Decisions we make and behaviors we execute create situations, social trends and institutions. The rise of the nation-state, for

Supreme Court: Land of Make Believe

Make Believe: Most of us have a respectful view of the highest court in America, The Supreme Court. Our respect, however, is for the most

Private Fires, Public Pain

Globalization: Globalization is here, for better and worse. The problems that plague us cross over national boundaries, and into gated communities. The era of individuals

Beyond Climate Change

Pollinators: Climate change has captured world attention as the most profound issue of our time. It threatens every aspect of life on Earth. We know